Custom adapters Aviation Headset

Headphone technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. Better technology means better sound, and you can be sure we have some great sounding headphones, like the popular Aviation Headset Adapters.

So, what should you consider when making a purchase? Some considerations are Bluetooth capabilities, battery life, noise cancelling, quality of build and, of course, sound quality. We have a range of headphones, earphones and earbuds that range from budget friendly to high-end from big brands like Sony, Apple, JBL and Senheiser. 


It's not always the case that one size fits all, which is why we have a great range of different types of headphones, earphones and earbuds. Advances in audio tech mean that you can achieve excellent sound from both the traditional over-ear headphone set and from the tiny earbud design and which you choose is only a matter of comfort.

The traditional over-ear headphone set is designed to encompass your ear, creating less pressure in the ear overall. These type of sets usually come with a comfortable padding around the ear area and across the headband, meaning that you can wear them for longer periods. 

Bose headphones are known for their world-class engineering in noise cancellation, giving you unrivalled sound quality that is as crisp as it is smooth. Not only do they connect with Bluetooth to your smartphone, they are also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa too, so you never need to take them off.

Earphones and Earbuds

If you're not keen on the bulk of traditional headphones, you might want something a little leaner in appearance. Earphones are a good alternative. Although earphones in the past have been wired and usually connected to another device through an audio jack, in recent years the design had changed to make earphones wireless, hence the use of the term 'earbuds'. Earphones and earbuds are made to be worn inside the ear canal directly, giving them a smaller profile. The most popular of these sound devices is the iconic, white Airpods.

Want to give a set of earphones a go, without breaking the bank? Skullcandy earphones are budget friendly and super lightweight, so they can be used every day. They also offer a range of earbuds that come in a variety of different colours. Earbuds can deliver the the highest quality sounds on the market and can even match the quality of a traditional headphone set. Sony earbuds feature enhanced bass for a more rounded sound quality, a longer battery life and fast change, which means you can listen for longer.

For those wanting an immersive gaming experience, be sure to head to gaming headsets where you'll find a huge range of popular brands such as Turtle Beach, RAZER and Corsair.